The Principal counts upon the co-operation of all students and their guardians in the matter of strict observance of the rules of academic discipline. Admission to the College means an implicit agreement to abide by the rules of discipline framed by the college authorities. Any breach of discipline will entail punishment to the extent of expulsion from the college.



►Students must not loiter in front of Principal’s room, classrooms, library and office room. Students must not deface the walls of the college building by writing slogans or pasting posters.


►Misbehaviour with teachers and staff by the students is a serious offence and may lead to the expulsion of the offender. Any discourtesy towards girl students shall be severely punished; it may even lead to expulsion from the college.

►Shouting inside the college premises is not permitted. Loitering in the corridor, disturbing classes, copying in examinations, are treated as misconduct and breach of discipline and warrant punitive action.

►Students are to maintain discipline in the College. Smoking, spitting of ‘pan masala’ in the College Verandahs, Common Rooms, Lawns and Class Rooms is strictly prohibited. Use of mobile phones are strictly prohibited within the class rooms/examination halls etc.

►Student against whom charges of repeated transgression of discipline are on record liable to be expelled from the college. The guardians concerned will have to take transfer of the ward, failing which forced transfer under university rules will be issued to him/her in the interest of the college.

►Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. The college will not be responsible for any loss thereof.

►Severe action will be taken against any student absenting herself from the college for a period of one month at a stretch without permission.

►Absence from college without prior permission is not allowed except in unforeseen circumstances, in which case immediate intimation should be given to the college authorities.

►Any plea regarding irregular attendance leading to shortage of required percentage will not be entertained.

►Visitors other than parents or guardians are not allowed to see students during college hours. Outsiders are not permitted within the College premises and students must not bring outsiders to the college for any reason.

►However, the visitors intend to meet the staff for a particular purpose are requested to sign the visitors register kept at the college gate and write down the time of arrival, the person(s) to whom to meet, purpose of such visit and leave the college premises immediately after his/her work mentioning the time of leaving/departure.